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Returning this March: FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Technician Program!

The FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Technician certification program introduces aquaculture techniques to those interested in delving into the world of Wisconsin aquaculture. This program covers a wide range of topics such as the status of Wisconsin aquaculture, biosecurity practices, common aquaculture systems, and growing out yellow perch fingerlings. As a graduate of the FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Technician certification program, you’re ready for careers in sustainable agriculture areas such as aquaculture and aquaponics. You will be qualified for employment in a variety of positions associated with aquaculture, aquaponics, water management, and local food system efforts.

Program Participants will learn and demonstrate hands-on skills on these topics:

  • Aquaculture systems
  • Biosecurity
  • The Farmory Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Fish Health
  • Fish Husbandry Practices
  • Fingerling Production
  • Fish Nutrition


Program Participants will be able to:

  • Manage and maintain aquaculture systems
  • Apply biosecurity practices to their own aquaculture system
  • Problem solve through a system malfunction
  • Manage and monitor water quality
  • Remedy water quality issues
  • Maintain thorough data records on aquaculture systems
  • Observe and determine potential fish health concerns
  • Apply fish husbandry skills to their own aquaculture system
  • Practice best aquaculture husbandry
  • Assess growth of fingerlings
  • Calculate appropriate growth and maintenance diets



The program will be a 12-week course beginning the week of March 7th and ending the week of May 30th.

The time commitment per week will be about 3-4 hours, with the time split between one lecture (1.5 hours, combination virtual and in person) and one hatchery shift* (1.5-2 hours, in person, limited to very small groups). There will also be some hands-on skills tests as learning units are completed. We expect that many people will have work during normal business hours, so there will be some flexibility with scheduling.

     * On-site learning, including hands-on skills assessments, will be required in the hatchery at least once per week.
        Hatchery shifts may be fulfilled during irregular hours, on weekends and evenings.


  • Course Fee: $300.00*
  • Computer and internet access**
  • Consistent physical attendance**

    * Scholarships will be available to those who cannot afford the cost of the program.
    ** For those who might require financial assistance, stipends of up to $300 will be available to
         alleviate costs associated with attending the program (such as transportation to and from
         The Farmory, childcare, access to technology for lecture viewing, etc.)


Applicants should be… 

  • reliable, detail-oriented, organized, and self-motivated. 
  • able to take direction and ownership of delegated tasks. 
  • comfortable with handling fish, live feeds, agricultural materials, and getting dirty. 
  • able to maintain high standards of hygiene to promote food safety.  
  • physically able to complete tasks such as: 
    squatting or kneeling
    climbing stairs
    lifting up to 40 lbs.


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