July 18, 2021

The Farmory: We operate a nonprofit indoor aquaponics fish hatchery selling fish and greens to fund our teaching outreach activities including classes on growing food for city residents, providing career learning in aquaculture, and teaching students.  Fighting The Good Fight for Better Eating! www.farmory.org

Deliver Us To The Promised Land! (Gritful Leader!)


  • The joy of creating a Non-Profit fighting the food supply challenge … WITH COMMERCIAL SELF-SUSTAINABILITY in due course! (That’s our dream!)
  • You continue to TRANSFORM a very old building into a thriving, pulsating business.
  • You’ll be the FISH QUEEN (or King) of Green Bay.  (C’mon.  That’s OK.)
  • You’ll be developing a UNIQUE Non-Profit … no counterpart anywhere.
  • You’ll be the BOSS … leading the team, and guiding your Board.
  • You’ll be a VERY VISIBLE leader in the Green Bay community.
  • You WON’T BE ALONE … because we’re a team with our NeighborWorks partner.
  • We’ll be DEVELOPING you as a Leader.  It’s key to our future success … and yours, wherever!


  • You want to take on a worthwhile challenge.  It feeds your soul and gives you energy!
  • You like breaking new ground, making things happen.
  • You actually like fund-raising … at least until we’re self-sufficient.
  • You have a track record of building an organization.
  • You’ve overcome obstacles … regularly.
  • You don’t mind doing the nitty gritty that someone else isn’t available to do.
  • You’re a leader with all that implies … sayeth other people.


  • Pay attention to the details.  They’re what get us in trouble.
  • Build an engaged staff of both professionals and volunteers.
  • Develop your professional staff to be increasingly more competent.
  • Express the Vision and Values of the organization often and emphatically.
  • Make the Goals happen and build accurate financial reports.
  • Know what the bigger picture is … and be its advocate.
  • Be energized by fund-raising … for grants, gifts and customers.
  • Set priorities and provide feedback to optimize progress.
  • Develop and work productively with the Board.
  • Be both frugal and aggressive.
  • View full job description here: https://www.farmory.org/open-positions/

Email us at thefarmory@nwgreenbay.org, and attach your cover letter and resume!

Call 920-593-3708 for more information!