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What exactly is The Farmory? We’re run by a group of food-minded people bringing healthy food to the local level. We’re converting the old armory building at 815 Chicago Street into a self-sustaining, year-round indoor agriculture center. We’re partnering with some of Green Bay’s environmental and educational heavyweights, including Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), University of Wisconsin Green Bay, St. Norbert College, E-Hub’s Urban Hope Entrepreneur Center, NeighborWorks Green Bay, Forward Service Corporation, the Volunteer Center of Brown County, and Wello.

We’ve drawn inspiration from from Wisconsin’s own Growing Power, a dynamic indoor growing space that’s been feeding Milwaukee and sprouting gardens all over their city. Although our model is a little different, we’re still growing produce using aquaponics, an ancient method of growing food which uses water from fish tanks to fertilize plants. The plants soak up the fish-processed nutrients, filtering the water that returns to the fish—it’s a renewable, sustainable cycle that benefits everyone!

As part of this model, we’re developing what will be the state’s first and only bio-secure yellow perch hatchery. This incubator will be run in collaboration with UW-Green Bay. We’ll spawn matured yellow perch and grow the eggs into fingerlings—young, small perch. Approximately 42,000 of these fingerlings will make their way into our aquaponics systems and be grown to market size, while the remainder of the fingerlings will be sold to fish growing operations throughout the Wisconsin and the Midwest.

We’re changing the way we talk—and think!—about food. We’re bringing organically home-grown food into homes throughout our community. We want to model sustainable ways of growing, eating, and living to those around us through education and outreach. We believe that we can strengthen people physically, mentally, and spiritually through fresh produce, community service, and local education. We’re excited to be on this journey and we hope you’ll get involved!

MISSION: The Farmory is transforming a historical building into an educational urban farm which will strengthen our community and encourage self-sufficiency through agricultural and entrepreneurial education and employment skill development.

VISION: Every member of our community will have access to healthy locally grown food.

VALUES: We believe in a sustainable agricultural business model that:

  • Teaches self-sufficiency and community development through educational and volunteer opportunities.
  • Provides healthy locally grown food.
  • Encourages zero waste.
  • Fosters partnerships between local residents, businesses, schools, and community health organizations.

All programs are fueled by the sale of high quality products produced by Farmory participants and volunteers.