Give Big Green Bay! Noon-Noon Tuesday-Wednesday February 18-19, 2020

The Friday night fish fry is a staple of Wisconsin heritage! Yet, due to ecosystem challenges, the wild fishery in Lake Michigan has plummeted. Modern aquaculture is needed to fill the demand for this delicious, healthy and sustainable protein source.

Enter, The Farmory! The Farmory is excited to launch its state-of-the-art yellow perch fish hatchery in downtown Green Bay! With new equipment and systems, we will be able to serve even more people in the Green Bay. In 2020, our hatchery will produce 400,000 fingerling fish that aquaculture farmers can grow out and produce for your family’s Friday night fish fry.

Through our service learning and educational programs, students and adults can come to The Farmory and learn the science, technology and practices needed for sustainable aquaculture. The Farmory’s programs will provide skilled practitioners that will produce environmentally sustainable fish proteins to feed our hungry planet.

Your donation will provide high quality field trip experiences, job shadows, internships, and volunteer opportunities to students and adults of all ages. We need funds to buy displays and materials to keep learners of all ages safe, active and engaged. 

Save the Family Fish Fry!

Help Us Save the Family Fish Fry by supporting the Farmory!

The family fish fry.  Consisting of a piece of fried white fish, usually perch, a slice of bread and perhaps a slab of raw onion, fish fry is way more than a meal.  It’s a uniquely Northeast Wisconsin experience. Yet we bet you didn’t realize that almost 100% of the perch on your plate at the local supper club is imported from Canada!  The Farmory is on a mission to change the tides by rebuilding the fish population of NE Wisconsin.
Your donation to help our fish hatchery is the first step.  The hatchery, which is being developed through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, is a seed for revitalizing the stagnant aquaculture industry in Wisconsin.  By just the second year of operations, the hatchery will produce 500,000 yellow perch fingerlings per year.  These fingerlings will be sold to aquaculture or aquaponics farms in our region with the aim of rebuilding perch stock across the region.

The Farmory is based in Green Bay’s historical  former Armory building. Our operations include a 20,000 square foot two story building that was built in 1919 for the Allouez Mineral Springs bottling plant, with thick concrete floors designed to hold large volumes of water. After fiftyy years of vacancy, a group of visionary community leaders gathered financial and in-kind support to bring the concept of an urban farm to reality.

Help us start a movement!  We are asking people who value the Family Fish Fry experience to make a $20 donation (the price of a fish fry dinner) to fund The Famory’s fish hatchery and share their favorite fish story.  If this speaks to your heart, go the extra step and share this campaign with someone you know that values the fish fry too.

If you feel so led, we encourage you to consider donating at one of our higher donation categories.

$25- FISH FRIEND- Public Recognition of gift

$50- PERCH PROMOTER- Public Recognition of gift, Personal Tour of Facility

$100 or more- AQUACULTURE ADVOCATE- Public Recognition of gift, invitation to VIP Donor Event, Personal Tour of Facility

Our Farmory “Wish List”

The Farmory is transforming a blighted and historic building into a world class indoor urban aquaponics farm and fish hatchery. To complete our project we are looking for donations of all kinds – both cash and in-kind – to acquire all of the below equipment, supplies and services. All leadership contributions are eligible for a naming opportunity. Please contact Claire Thompson at (920) 593-3708 or if you would like to discuss a contribution or naming opportunity for your

*A big thank you to Tara for the gardening gloves, Lincoln & Donna for the tomato cages, Janyne for the garbage bags, Ziploc bags, and microscope, Flo for the fingerling transport tank, and Michelle for the rolling composter!


1. Professional Expertise and Services

a) Carpentry work to professionally install windows and other small odd projects

b) CAD and engineering design – blow-molded plastic prototype development

c) Workflow Management and Design Expertise – manufacturing and agricultural specific spatial layout

d) Controlled Climate Agriculture Systems Design – web-based integrated sensor technology for both aquaculture and aquaponics

e) Plumbing services to connect sinks and other equipment as they are acquired

f) Electrical services to connect equipment as they are acquired

g) Landscaping and earthmoving for exterior h) Concrete work – spot applications as needed


2. Equipment

a) Handwashing sinks (multiple), soap dispensers, single use towel dispensers

b) Bathroom fixtures – stalls, toilets, sinks, etc

c) Viewing Windows – for our biosecure hatchery

d) Fish tanks – hatchery larval and fingerling systems, grow out tanks for aquaponics systems, various materials (stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass) are preferred

e) Water chillers/heaters, pumps, and biological filters for aquatic ecosystems

f) PVC piping and PEX tubing, valves, connectors, joints, etc – hundreds of linear feet

g) LED Lights specific to horticultural growing applications

h) LED light fixtures for building ambient and spot lighting, exit lighting, etc

i) Solar panels for a roof mounted system to offset electric needs

j) Solar awning for front of building/entrance

k) Electrical wiring, outlets

l) Pallet racking systems – up to 700 linear feet m) Pallet jack

n) Fork lift o) Platforms, lifts, conveyors specific to our work needs

p) Fire extinguishers

q) Stainless steel washing sinks – large utility or commercial kitchen style

r) Walk-in cooler/freezer panels and doors. Refrigerator/Freezer condenser units for our walk-ins.

s) Hoses, hose reels, and hose nozzles – heavy duty farm/commercial grade, food safe

t) Germination chamber(s) for seedling starts

u) Heavy duty shelving and storage systems that will withstand a high moisture environment

v) Digital sensors and computer systems to track key environmental controls

w) Office furniture and decorating for entrance lobby and offices

x) Freight elevator y) Tools, and a tool “box” – moderate to heavy duty hand and power tools for everyday service


3. Supplies

a) Underlayment materials for our exterior siding project – foam board, channeling, hardware

b) Cleaning, sanitation and disinfectant solutions (e.g. VirkonS, Zep Proxy, etc)

c) Rags, cleaning brushes

d) Disinfectant mats

e) Hand soap, paper towels

f) Grow media for varied applications

g) Food safe plastic harvesting containers with lids

h) Harvesting knives and scissors