The Farmory is located at 815 Chicago St, the historic site of the Armory building. We are excited to be repurposing and remodelling this historic, old building. 

The Allouez Mineral Springs bottling plant was built in 1919 with thick concrete floors designed to hold large volumes of water. In 2016, after 40 years of vacancy, a group of visionary community leaders gathered support to turn the blighted building into a showcase for urban revitalization and bring the concept of an urban farm to reality, and The Farmory was born! 

The Farmory would focus on aquaponics and aquaculure, a perfect fit for a building designed for water. Aquaponics is an age-old concept in which fish and plants grow better together by sharing water. In addition to growing fish and greens in a high-tech, indoor vertical farming environment, 

The Farmory has partnered with UWGB to build a fish hatchery which will produce a year-round supply of bio-secure, feed-trained fingerling fish for the aquaponics operation. Additional fingerlings will be sold to current and prospective fish farmers and add to our educational opportunities, economic development initiatives, and earned income potential of the operation.

For the last three years The Farmory has been working to perfect and expand its operational systems while developing its mission-based programming of Volunteer and Service Learning, Community Outreach, and Educational Partnerships Programs. Last year we served over 1,000 individuals in our educational programming. 

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Claire Thompson – Executive Director

(920) 593-3708