The Farmory’s proof-of-concept recirculating aquaponics system is used to teach our community how to grow their own food in a sustainable way. Aquaponics is a method used for growing a variety of foods in-doors and in a climate-controlled setting, away from pests and environmental factors. Wisconsin experiences harsh winters which can limit the farming season. This means we need to source produce from other regions and countries during the cold months. Using aquaponics, food can be produced year-round (and in your own home)!

The proof-of-concept system utilizes the deep-water culture method which is great for producing leafy greens. The Farmory donates all fresh produce to local food banks.

This system started its operations in 2016 and was exclusively constructed and managed by volunteers. The Farmory offers service-learning and internship opportunities in a variety of areas.  Check out available positions and find out how you can be involved here.

In 2018, The Farmory and community volunteers partnered with West De Pere High School to help design and build their in-house aquaponics system for their agriculture education department. Each year The Farmory hosts DIY educational workshops for individuals or organizations who want to build their own aquaponics system to feed their family or community.

The Farmory envisions expanding our operation to include a commercial de-coupled aquaponics system upstairs, above the hatchery. This system would use nutrient-rich water from the perch to commercially produce a variety of different, nutritious leafy greens.

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