About The Farmory

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to provide learning opportunities in sustainable agriculture that build economic self-sufficiency and improve health and well-being.​

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The Farmory is a nonprofit indoor aquaponics farm and fish hatchery that provides learning opportunities in sustainable agriculture that advance economic self-sufficiency, improve health and well-being, and the environment. We pursue our mission with education, outreach, and service-learning programs that bring students and adults of all ages and abilities into our facility. These efforts are supported by zero effluent fish hatchery models—the latest technology in environmentally sustainable agriculture.

The organization has grown with the help of generous contributions in the Green Bay area, and the recent development of the hatchery puts our organization on the cusp of financial self-sufficiency.

What We Do

The Farmory is a hub of activity for the Navarino neighborhood, and works to exemplify sustainability and self-sufficiency in all aspects of our business model. We focus our efforts around three core pillars to support our mission, pursue our vision, and accomplish our key objectives.

  • Programs
  • Percids
  • Produce


Produce and percids would not be possible without our commitment to education and empowerment of our programs.


A crucial part of sustainable aquaculture is the fish, yellow perch to be exact! Learn more about our beloved percids.

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The Farmory is committed to growing our community by providing access to sustainable, locally grown produce.

Key Objectives

  • Inspire a new generation of students in Northeast Wisconsin to further their education and seek careers in environmental sciences and sustainable agriculture.
  • Up-skill individuals from the greater Green Bay community who have challenging life circumstances and provide opportunities that help them enter or re-enter the workforce.
  • Launch the aquaculture and aquaponics industry in Wisconsin with education and consistent seed stock (fingerlings) for prospective aquaculture entrepreneurs.
  • Educate residents in the low-income food desert where our facility is located about local foods and nutrition to help improve health and wellbeing outcomes in our community.

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