Vista Positions we are currently looking to fill:

  • Farmory Vista Join the team at The Farmory and NeighborWorks Green Bay as a VISTA member and help us GROW “The Farmory!”  This VISTA member will work with other leaders to transform a former military armory into an organic, sustainable, indoor farm.  Armory + Farmory= FARMORY!
  • Farmory Vista Financial Capabilities NeighborWorks Green Bay is seeking a VISTA member to join our team to help in the planning, creation, and implementation of our Financial Capabilities Program.  Financial Capabilities is an empowering combination of financial literacy education, counseling, and coaching that will help people take control of their personal finances and futures.  Financial Capabilities will strengthen NeighborWorks Green Bay’s ability to help our neighbors achieve safe, financially sustainable housing and other life goals.  Helping our neighbors have greater financial security will subsequently lead to greater neighborhood stability, and a thriving community.

Volunteer Positions we are currently looking to fill:

  • Farmory Ambassador:  2 hours a week helping spread the message about the Farmory’s mission and build a network of fundraisers.  Sign up, Click here.
  • Video Editing and Filming Volunteer: 5-10 hours per month filming and editing videos for our internal and external communications.
  • Farming Volunteer:  1 hour a week working with our test aquaponics system.
  • Marketing Committee Volunteer:  Anyone with a marketing or graphic design background.
  • Marketing & Communications Volunteer: 2 hours a week research and developing a marketing plan and guide the Marketing Committee to success.

  • Button Creator:  Help make Farmory buttons by hand!
  • Contact List Volunteer:  Help maintain our email contact list.

Give Us a Hand

Individuals with expertise in food service, agriculture, business, and job programs or related activity are being sought. Interested persons should contact Alex Smith, Farmory Program Manager at 920-448-3075 or alex@nwgreenbay.org. Media inquiries to Sue Premo at sue@nwgreenbay.org or 920-593-3714. If you would like to become involved with the planning for the Farmory or provide financial support, please contact info@nwgreenbay.org or 920-448-3075.