Are you interested in helping us build a sustainable food future right here in Green Bay? Would you like to take part in a community-driven project to grow local, healthy food and improve lives through job training and education? We’re always looking for new volunteers at The Farmory in a variety of roles.

AmeriCorps VISTA at The Farmory

Join the team at The Farmory as a VISTA member and help us GROW “The Farmory!”  This VISTA member will work with other leaders to transform a former military armory into a sustainable, indoor, urban farm and fish hatchery.  Armory + Farm= FARMORY!

The Farmory is a 501c3 nonprofit indoor, organic, urban farm with a social mission. Our mission is to advance economic self-sufficiency, increase health and well-being, and improve the environment by providing opportunities in sustainable agriculture. We accomplish our mission through education, outreach, and service learning programs that bring students and adults of all ages and abilities into our working aquaponics farm and fish hatchery. The Farmory is providing a real living laboratory for sustainable agriculture that captures the imagination of youth and elders alike; and, provides points of entry to the field for anyone, no matter their skills or abilities.  We address core issues of poverty, health, and nutrition by teaching community residents how to grow and prepare healthy, nutritious food, which reduces the strain on grocery budget and contributes to positive health outcomes and obesity reduction.

VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a program through the Corporation for National and Community Service that engages participants to build organizational capacity, become “architects of change,” and eliminate poverty.

The Farmory is searching for our next great VISTA Members! We have two Year-long VISTA opportunities available for the August 19, 2019 – August 17, 2020 term. 

To apply, please apply through AmeriCorps and send a resume, cover letter, and list of three references to Claire Thompson, claire@nwgreenbay.org by Monday, July 1st.   If you would like further information, please email or call Claire at 920-593-3708.

VISTA POSITION ONE: Farmory Educational Programming and Marketing Outreach Coordinator

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Assignments will include: 1. Increase The Farmory’s community outreach by implementing educational programs at The Farmory and at community events. 2. In collaboration with other team members, create onsite educational opportunities that help our neighbors develop the skills they need to become more self-sufficient by raising more of their own food. 3. Coordinate volunteer resources of Education Committee and Marketing and Outreach Committees in order to strengthen service delivery.

Member Duties: The Farmory VISTA will represent the Farmory at community outreach events, organizing educational workshops, and coordinating and implementing fundraisers.  The VISTA will conduct an assessment of current and future educational opportunities with educational partners and community collaborations.  The VISTA position will connect closely with other staff and volunteers to stabilize communities and build personal and community assets in low- and moderate-income communities.

VISTA POSITION TWO: Farmory Farming and Volunteer Coordinator 

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Assignments will include: 1. Create and implement strategies to recruit the participation of people who are low to moderate income, traditionally marginalized, or under or unemployed to form alliances that will help further the development of The Farmory’s volunteer program as well as the mechanisms to sustain these partnerships. 2. In collaboration with other team members, recruit, train and coordinate volunteers for our aquaponics grow systems and our newly launched fish hatchery. 3. Create Standard Operating Procedures for our urban farm to train staff, volunteers, and service learning participants. 4. Mentor and coach service learning and volunteer participants to identify goals, continuously improve their work, and progress toward their self-identified objective of improved employment position, entrepreneurship opportunity, or other.

Member Duties : The Farmory VISTA will conduct activities for our urban aquaponics farm and fish hatchery, such as recruiting, training and coordinating volunteers in the operations of the farm, as well as implementing coaching and mentoring practices so that our volunteers reach their personal and professional milestones. The VISTA position will connect closely with other staff and volunteers to stabilize communities and build personal and community assets in low- and moderate-income communities.

Volunteer Positions we are currently looking to fill:

Social Media and Graphic Design Intern

Purpose:   If you are on point with your social media game and graphics, consider using that skill to help The Farmory grow! The Social Media and Graphic Design Volunteer/Intern will lead efforts in The Farmory’s social media presence to raise awareness of the organization and engage readers in our efforts to build a non-profit urban farm.  All social media activity will take place in conjunction with organizational goals and overall marketing strategies.

Location:  This position will be located at The Farmory (437 S Jackson St Green Bay)

Supervisor:  You will be supervised by Farmory Marketing Committee Chair

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and schedule effective, engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Monitor current activities and strive to improve the functionality of all social media (Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Create Graphics to help promote events and workshops for The Farmory
  • Work with professional staff to develop goals for our social media presence
  • Work with professional staff to develop an evaluation processes to determine effectiveness of social media program in relation to identified goals.
  • Analyze similar institutions social media presence and strategies


  • Experience using social media outlet, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Creative, some graphic design experience
  • Strong writing and editing skills, with attention to detail
  • Positive attitude/customer service skills
  • Must be self-motivated

Time Commitment:

  • Time commitment will be at least 4 hours per week


Fish Hatchery Volunteers

Purpose: Do you want to be part of something new and exciting?  The Farmory is launching our yellow perch fish hatchery and we need volunteers to help care for our fish!   Specifically, you would be watching over the eggs, larvae, and fingerlings of our brood stock.  We are offering volunteer positions or internships.   The Farmory needs passionate volunteers that are willing to help tend to the fish in our system to ensure that we are producing happy and healthy fish.  You will be key in helping us launch the aquaculture and aquaponics industry in Wisconsin with education and consistent seed stock (fingerlings) for prospective aquaculture and aquaponics farmers!

Location:  This position will take place at, The Farmory (815 Chicago St. Green Bay, WI 54301).

Supervisor:   You will be supervised by the Farmory Hatchery Director, Dr. Ken Webb.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Daily fish hatchery tasks to help monitor and care for yellow perch eggs, larvae, and fingerlings
  • Recording research and observations
  • Keeping the area clean/Putting materials back where they belong
  • Working with a team to ensure health of whole “farm”


  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Excellent organizational skills and effectiveness in task and time management
  • Verbal and written communication skills


  • Training will be provided by Farmory Hatchery Director

Time Commitment:

  • A minimum of 4 hours a week

We offer three shifts daily:

Shift 1: 7:00am-8:30am

Shift 2: 12-12:30pm

Shift 3: 4:00-5:00pm

Current Openings: Shift 2 on Thursday, Shift 2 and 3 on Fridays, Shift 2 and 3 on Saturdays, all Sunday shifts.

The Farmory is a 501c3 nonprofit indoor urban farm with a social mission. Our mission is to provide opportunities in sustainable agriculture that increase economic self-sufficiency and improve health and wellbeing of residents of all ages and abilities. We accomplish our mission through education, outreach, and service learning programs that bring students and adults into our working aquaponics farm and fish hatchery.

Interested persons should download the Fillable Volunteer Information PDF and email the completed form to Allison Hellenbrand, Farmory Volunteer VISTA at allisonh@nwgreenbay.org .  Please feel free to call (920) 593-3714 with any questions. Site Address: 815 Chicago St., Green Bay, WI 54301.  Mailing Address: 437 S. Jackson, Green Bay, WI  54301. Media inquiries or questions regarding donating can go to Claire Thompson at claire@nwgreenbay.org.