Please, join the numerous others who have already committed to help #GrowTheFarmory. By donating to The Farmory, you are not only breathing life back into an historical armory building, you are changing the face of our local food system. The Farmory will INSPIRE community members to grow their own food by inviting them to see first-hand how to grow with sustainable aquaponics techniques. The Farmory will GROW fish scientists, local growers, and passionate community members who will work to improve our local food economy.

When doors open to our one-of-a-kind downtown farm, YOU will be able to:

  • Volunteer and gain employment skills and a positive work history
  • Earn a scholarship to NWTC to continue in your learning journey
  • Earn a scholarship to E-Hub Entrepreneurial classes so that your business idea can come to life
  • Earn materials for your very own hoop house so that your family has fresh food year-round
  • Attend how-to workshops that will improve you and your family’s health because you’ll finally have the answers to questions like, “How can I buy healthy, fresh food on a budget?” “How can I compost my family’s food waste and use it to grow my own food?” and “How do I cook meals with fresh produce?”

Are you someone who likes to look at cold, hard proof before jumping in to support a cause? Take a look at our tab “Why We Need The Farmory” for surprising facts and figures from recent studies done in Brown County.

The Farmory is a campaign to bring local, sustainable, and indoor agriculture to Green Bay and the larger Northeast Wisconsin region. By converting an empty former armory building into a 20,000 square foot indoor farm powered by fish and grow lights, The Farmory will offer fresh produce to the local food system year-round, and provide area residents with educational resources on sustainability and self-sufficiency.

When completed, The Farmory will be a self-sustaining nonprofit organization, supplying fresh produce, mushrooms, and fish year-round to local residents and restaurants, and offering a wide array of tours, volunteer opportunities, and workshops to Green Bay area residents.

The Farmory: A Self-Sustaining Non-Profit

The Farmory will be a non-profit that will GROW to support itself! By selling the greens and yellow perch that we will grow with the help of the community.

The Farmory GROWS Roots in West De Pere High School

Our partnership with West De Pere High School achieves all three of our goals: to grow good food, grow growers, and grow job and entrepreneurial skills.

The Farmory will GROW Opportunties

The Farmory won’t just be another urban farm. It will be a non-profit that will GROW opportunities for our local community members to learn.

The Farmory will GROW Solutions to Food Insecurity

The Green Bay community is great in many ways. However, one issue that we need to address together is food insecurity.