The Farmory is a campaign to bring local, sustainable, and indoor agriculture to Green Bay and the larger Northeast Wisconsin region. By converting an empty former armory building into a 20,000 square foot indoor farm powered by fish and grow lights, The Farmory will offer fresh produce to the local food system year-round, and provide area residents with educational resources on sustainability and self-sufficiency.

When completed, The Farmory will be a self-sustaining nonprofit organization, supplying fresh produce, mushrooms, and fish year-round to local residents and restaurants, and offering a wide array of tours and workshops to Green Bay area residents.

The Urban Partnership CDC (a subsidiary of NeighborWorks Green Bay) is seeking additional talent to shape the governing body for this enterprise. Individuals with expertise in food service, agriculture, business, and job programs or related activity are being sought. Interested persons should contact Alex Smith, Farmory Program Manager at 920-448-3075 or alex@nwgreenbay.org. Media inquiries to Sue Premo at sue@nwgreenbay.org or 920-593-3714. If you would like to become involved with the planning for the Farmory or provide financial support, please contact info@nwgreenbay.org or 920-448-3075.